About Uncle Shawns Hugs

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How we got started:
My son Marine Sgt Shawn P. Martin from Delmar New York was killed in Iraq on June 20, 2007.  He was thirty years old and although married had not yet had children.   He was my only son. The Marine family who helped us through this terrible tragedy asked us if we would like to assist giving out toys from the Toys for Tots Train during the 2008 holiday season.  How could we not join this group of Marines who had helped us and who Shawn called brothers?  We said yes and I decided to make fleece blankets to distribute to some of the children.  I started with 25 and soon friends family and co- workers offered to help make the blankets.  The first year we just made and distributed blankets, but after seeing the need, I knew I had to continue somehow with this project.  Shawn always gave to everyone, he also  gave the best hugs. His friends' children called him Uncle Shawn.  When I wrapped a warm blanket around these children standing in the snow, some even without winter clothing, I felt like I was giving them a warm hug, just as Shawn always gave, thus Uncle Shawn's Hugs was born.  To date we have purchased made and distributed nearly 5000 blankets to needy children. 

We are hoping to continue our quest and have now become a non-profit organization to help children.

To donate a hug, please click on the PDF file above (see attachment) and print off the letter.  
At the bottom of the letter is the donation slip.  
Please fill this out and mail it to:
Uncle Shawn's Hugs
c/o Dawn Martin
4 Plymouth Ave.
Delmar, NY 12054

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